My Feeling At The Camping

Matthew Ngô

Hello! My name is Matthew Ngô. I'm 9 year old and I'm from Westminster , California . This summer I was really lucky, I get to go to Trại Hè Tiến Bước II. I was really happy that I got to go with my dad to trại hè. It's fun there. At Seattle I got to visit Downtown in the first day. There was lots of people. My favorite store there was The Famous Coffee Star Buck, I got to pick drink. It was good. The next day, I went to the camp site and the camp site takes place in the forest. The forest is very big I really like it there. At Seattle five days camping there I really like the food there, It was good. I said thank you to the old women who made all the food for us, and I really like the games and big games too. When the leader tell us how to speak in front of all the people, how to blow the whistle, and how to be a leader too. I got to write a the information down into the folder so when I come back to California I could be a leadership. After that at the camping at night we get to have a fire camp. All of us was pare into 6 team. All of the team needs to perform two show. My team did a a story and singing. The people at the camp were clapping there hands when my team was finish doing the story. At the end of the day we all say good bye to everyone after camp. I say good bye to, and I hope next two years I'II see everyone in Trại Hè Tiến Bước III again.

Matthew Ngo